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Take a Hike Autism

We at Autism Acts of Kindness (AAOK) would love for a cure for autism to be discovered SOON! When that happens, parents will no longer have to walk the life-long path of disappointment, heartache, and struggles associated with raising a child with autism. We pray for and look forward to the day when the diagnosis will never again be given to a parent.

In other words, we wish autism would just "TAKE A HIKE"!

Recently, the founders of AAOK enjoyed a trip to Utah that was devoted primarily to hiking the "big five" national parks in the southern region of the state. Our son/brother Samuel really enjoyed being outdoors every day. Hiking daily was a significant benefit to him in many ways.

First, obviously walking the various trails was great exercise. Second, walking kept Samuel busy, so he didn't have a whole lot of "down" time. Third, it was a significant change of his typical routine, so it provided a new experience every day. Finally, it was a learning experience because it allowed him to see ad feel the significant changes in geography and topography from day to day.

So, in honor of National "TAKE A HIKE" Day on November 17th, we have posted a few pictures of our Utah hiking trip.

"Take a Hike" Day was established by the American Hiking society to encourage groups of families and friends to get out into the wild and really get a taste of what it means to be away from it all again. Hiking is something that really helps to rebuild our connection with nature and helps to maintain healthy hearts and bodies as well.

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