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                       What We Do

Autism Acts of Kindness (AAOK) provides relief from the crushing financial burden weighing on the shoulders of families of children with autism.

The significant financial burdens autism families face tend to get overlooked and ignored.


It was not easy for my wife and I to hear the words of the doctor declare that our child has autism. At that moment, our world stopped and most of our family's future dreams were shattered instantly. After the shock wore off and the fog cleared, the realization set in that life from that point forward would be totally different and more difficult than we could imagine.


Daily life for any parent with a special needs child presents many unique challenges. The stress, feelings of helplessness, and overall difficulty associated with raising a child with autism oftentimes overwhelms even the strongest and most stable of families. Generally, families with a child with autism face divorce and bankruptcy more often than most, due to the crushing monetary and personal challenges they face every single day. Families without a very solid family foundation face a much more difficult road.


Statistically, the overall earnings in families with children diagnosed with autism are 28% lower compared to typical families and 21% less than families with children with other health limitations. The huge difference is due to the fact that usually at least one parent will quit working to provide support and seek helpful services.

There are some children with severe autism needing around the clock care. The majority of lower income and even middle class families cannot afford such an expense.

Now try to imagine the plight of a single parent …or a parent without the education or skills to provide the best possible outcome for their child…the financial limitations and struggles are significant.


Autism Acts of Kindness (AAOK) was established to help these families.

Often, there is an abundance of community resources available to address the needs of a family with a child diagnosed with autism, especially in a metropolitan area. Local support groups, nationally recognized autism organizations, and county and federal government resources exist as well. All can be tapped into by a family with a child with autism.


However, few, if any, of these resources provide direct financial assistance to a struggling family with a child diagnosed with autism.


With your help…


 …AAOK attempts to fill some of the special financial needs of local autism families to give them a better chance to help the child meet his or her highest potential.

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