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Who We Are

Autism Acts of Kindness (AAOK) is a charitable organization founded by a family with a child diagnosed with autism at an early age. We have traveled a difficult road the past few decades but have been blessed by the grace of God and now want to make the journey easier for other families currently facing the same challenges.

Our goal now is to locate and assist financially challenged families with autistic children. We want to focus on trying to alleviate some of the most pressing financial needs of those families.

The goal is to help reduce the significant additional financial burden created by a child's autism diagnosis. We try to do this in the most efficient way possible based on the particular family's specific needs.

By doing so, it's easier for the parent(s) to focus their time, efforts and resources on the emotional and physical needs of the child (and his or her siblings- who are often neglected due to the financial stress and strain of raising a child with autism).

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